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Call for Papers SIIE ̓ 2022
9th. Edition of the International Conference on:

Information Systems and Economic Intelligence.

Thematic Conferences & Tutoriels

February  9-10-11, 2023 in Al-Hoceima (Morocco).



Important Dates :


♦ Important Dates:

Papers due (last deadline): DEC. 25, 2022
Notification of acceptance (2nd. deadline): DEC. 10-25, 2022
Final paper & Camera-ready due: DEC. 25, 2022
Registration for authors (last deadline): JAN. 5-15, 2023
OCTA days: FEB.  9-10-11, 2023
Best Paper Awards: FEB.  11, 2023


Description :


♦ Description :

The OCTA International Multi-Conference in Feb. 2023 on « Organization of Knowledge and Advanced Technologies » in its 3d. edition, is a Large-Scale Scientific event to bring together researchers and R&D professionals on ideas and common actions in the organization of knowledge while defining collaborative strategies using advanced technologies in multiple fields of research and application for society and its cultural, education, economic and industrial developments.

Also, to initiate the future innovation projects in order to bring public and private institutions closer to tomorrow’s technological challenges.

In OCTA’2022, the scientific projects involved in this Multi-Conference event, are:

  • SIIE'2022, 9th. Edition of the International Conference on « Information Systems and Economic Intelligence » : https://siie2022.loria.fr/,
  • ISKO-Maghreb'2022, 9th. International Symposium of ISKO-Maghreb Chapter on « Digital Sciences: impacts and challenges on Knowledge Organization » : https://isko-maghreb2022.loria.fr/
  • CITED'2022, 3d. International Symposium on « Advanced Technologies, Renewable Energies and Economic Development » : https://cited2022.loria.fr/
  • TBMS'2022, 2nd. International Symposium on « Big-Data-Analytics Technologies for Strategic Management: innovation and competitiveness » : https://tbms2022.loria.fr/

with the following state of mind:

  • How to strengthen alliances between multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary?
  • How to multiply skills on common study objects? 
  • How to innovate in the solutions to found and to propose in society in respect of the sustainable development?

The OCTA’2022 international Multi-Conference on « Organization of Knowledge and Advanced Technologies » aims to develop subjects like:

  • Information Systems: architectures, models, implementations and developments,
  • Economic Intelligence (or Competitive Intelligence) applying methodology, context studies and implementation of systems,
  • Knowledge Organization applying conceptual work, process, systems (KOS) and services,
  • Advanced Technologies for renewable Energies, production systems, green economy, ecological engineering, etc.
  • Advanced Technologies for Big Data Analytics,
  • Strategic Management and Systems using Big Data,
  • Governance Organizations applying Enterprise Strategies, Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence, etc.
  • “Digital Sciences”, “Collective Intelligence” & “Digital Economy” on Web X.0 or Web XYZ.α (ie. Web’s evolution, which aims to harness the potential of the Web in a more interactive and collaborative way, with a focus on social interaction and the assistance of Artificial Intelligence),
  • Digital and Dematerialisation effects in the Green Economy,
  • Big Data, Information & Knowledge Management, Decision-making and Complexity,
  • Data Science and new trends in Economic Development:  Modern finance and technological advances,  Green economy and sustainable development,  Green finance, Environmental Accounting,  Green marketing, Green management,  e-Governance, etc.

♦ OCTA'2022 Organization & Projects:

International Multiconference OCTA in Feb. 2023 and its Projects, Communities & Scholarly Societies in SIIE, ISKO-Maghreb, CITED and TBMS conferences) will be held in Al-Hoceima (Morocco). The organization is under the aegis of Abdelmalek Essaadi University & ENSAH (National School of Applied Sciences – Al-Hoceima) & ISKO-Maghreb Society with its partners, and national & international sponsors.

Proceedings of OCTA event & Conferences projects: SIIE, ISKO-Maghreb, CITED & TBMS, will be indexed in SCOPUS & SPRINGER.


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