Submission Guidelines

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Conference languages:  

-         Paper: all papers must be written in English 

-         Data show: all video projection (PowerPoint or equivalent) must be written in English 

-         Presentation: oral presentations and discussions are permitted in English and/or in French.


Submission Guidelines:

Respecting deadlines, author’s proposal can be submitted in:

-        detailed abstract (Title, Abstract, Keywords and Short bibliography) : Therefore, you must select your « Title » that grabs attention with « Keywords », accurately describes the contents of your manuscript concisely by your « Abstract » with « Short bibliography », and makes people want to read further your « full text »,


-        full text proposal. In process of reviewing, authors should complete by the full version paper,

-        and to encourage young researchers (doctoral students / post-doctoral students / graduate engineers) to publish, a Poster session is open in circumstance to promote themselves in this scientific event by depositing: (on 2 pages max.) Title, methodological summary and outcome, 5 keywords and Short bibliography or major references, on the Easychair platform (Topics:   – Poster session).

on EasyChair Conference System for : SIIE’2019


§  Paper submission:

Authors are invited to download the following templates according to The Template and Instructions on How to Create Your IEEE Paper from:


–         DOC Format:

–         LaTEX Format:

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not currently being considered in any other forum. Manuscripts must be submitted to: 

"EasyChair Conference system" ( )

The scientific and the program committees will evaluate the relevance of each proposition submitted and will propose modifications if need.

§  Paper Formats (DOC, RTF or PDF):

–         Long papers (for completed research): must not exceed 15 pages.

–         Short papers (for R&D research and state of the art, for professionals): must not exceed 8 pages.

§  Rating:

–         The Scientific Committee will assess the relevance of each proposal and will propose appropriate changes.

–       The acceptance criteria are: originality of the contribution, importance to the community and impact on future scientific work, significance of results and quality of presentation.

§  Anti-plagiarism Policy:

As part of the anti-plagiarism policy followed by the SIIE int. conference, the papers will be subject to anti-plagiarism software compilatio (

§  Submission:

–         Dear authors, we invite you to submit your contributions from the site EasyChair Conference System:

–         If you do not have an account EasyChair, we invite you to start and create one.

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